New Ways to Follow OKC Bicyclist

Picture By: Mo Riza

Well, it has taken nearly two years of me saying, “Geez, I need to get caught up on OKC Bicyclist,” for me to actually do something about it, but finally it’s done.  Additionally, for the last couple of years, I’ve seen a true explosion in the number of cyclists out there, so I really think that this site could actually have an audience to serve.  So I guess, in a strange way, I’m calling this the grand opening of OKC Bicyclist.

To go along with such a momentous occasion, I’ve put together some other ways to keep up with OKC Bicyclist.  First, OKC Bicyclist now has Facebook fan page where you can see and discuss the latest stories.   Additionally, you can now follow us at @OKCBicyclist on Twitter where not only will you find links to our current stories, but also links and discussion about cycling stories that just don’t make it to the blog.

So, for all of the readers who have patiently waited for somethng to happen hear, I want to say thank you and I hope I won’t disappoint.  And to all of my new readers, welcome, I hope you will all find something useful here.  And finally, to everyone out there, get out and enjoy a ride!


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