New Bicycle Signs to be Upgraded

In a case that is bound to cause an uproar with those who hated the signs to begin with, the excellent new “use full lane” signs are now being replaced with a newer version.  The phrase “use full lane” is being replaced with “may use full lane”, which admittedly is much clearer.  KFOR put together a piece about the new signs:

The cost to correct this error is $18,000.  It should be noted that the city council appears to be full behind the new signs despite recent rumors to the contrary.  However, the Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition is wisely encouraging local cyclists to contact their city counsel member and thank them for supporting this new effort.  It can be counted upon that they will be hearing angry complaints from other parties.

If you would like to contact your council person, you can find your ward via this map: and contact information can be found at:

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