St. Baldrick's Day 2011

Spring is upon us!  Every day the sun shines a bit longer, the flowers bloom a bit brighter, the grass turns a bit greener and the Grizzly Adams jokes get just a bit older.  So like last year, I again take up the challenge to remove the fur for the wonderful St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  The St. Baldrick’s Foundation provides much needed grants for childhood cancer research and I’m gladly taking up their challenge to shave my head not only in solidarity with childhood cancer patients but to also help raise money for this wonderful cause.

Last year I was able to raise some $1400, let’s see if we can do at least that much this year!  If you can help at all, please visit my donation page at:  You can also donate by calling 888-899-BALD (2253) and donate under participant #454268.  Finally, you can download a donation form at: that you can mail in or hand to me personally.  Please consider donating if you can.  Even one dollar would provide much needed help for this critical research.

The actual head shaving will take place on March 27th between 2:00 – 4:00 PM at VZD’s (4200 N. Western).  If you want to join in a great party, please come along.  Thanks again for all of your generous support!

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