#30DaysofBiking: Day 1

So, it’s time again for another round of #30DaysofBiking.  I like this event because it gives me a chance to work on some aspect of cycling, and since I’m never in a hurry to improve my speed, I get to work more on just  riding more.  Last time I worked on being calm on the city streets and trying to just enjoy the ride.  This time it has been a long winter and I wimped out through most of it and hardly rode at all.  Well, because of this long delay, I’m going to take this run to remember how much I love riding and to remind myself of all the stuff I don’t get to see when I drive.

So today was a wonderfully warm day.  I got to ride both directions in shorts and sandals.  So for today, I’m remembering the joy of a warm night ride . . .

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