UCO to Host "Tour de Central"

UCO is putting on a fun event designed to “simulate” the Tour de France on the UCO campus.  All bikers will be riding bikes from UCO’s bicycle rental program, Bum-a-Bike.  The event is open to UCO faculty and staff:

The University of Central Oklahoma invites its students, faculty, staff and alumni to compete in the Tour de Central bicycle relay race at 3 p.m., Nov. 2.

As part of Central’s Passport to France semester of activities, the race will simulate the Tour de France, the annual bicycle race held in France and nearby countries.

The teams will compete in divisions – students, faculty, staff and alumni –to win the coveted yellow jerseys, or “maillots jaune.”

“The Tour de France is one of the most exciting features of modern French culture, for the audience as well as the participants,” said Susan Spencer, Ph.D., English professor at Central and Passport UCO coordinator.

“The Tour de Central is a chance to connect with that uniquely French tradition on our own campus.”

The Tour de Central staging area, where the teams of four will start, finish and exchange riders, will be located just north of Broncho Lake on Central’s campus.

One “cycliste,”or rider, from each team will circle the Business and Communications buildings before returning to the exchange area to hand off the race to the next teammate. Each rider will race on a bike provided by the university from Central’s free bicycle rental program, Bum-a-Bike.

Initiated in 2004, the Passport UCO program selects a country or region to celebrate during the fall semester.

Registration costs $5 per rider, or $20 per team.

For registration information and a listing of other Passport to France events, visit www.uco.edu/passport.

via UCO News: UCO To Host ‘Tour de Central’ Bike Race As Part of ‘Passport To France’ Activities.

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