OKC Police Seek Driver in Hit-and-Run Involving Cyclist

News 9 is reporting that police are seeking the driver of a car who struck a cyclist on Monday morning near 31st and Military. The driver initially stopped and asked the cyclist, Bill Hartman, if he was hurt, but then when Mr. Hartman said, “Yes, I am hurt”, the driver said he was sorry but then fled the scene. The driver was middle-aged, wore glasses and had light brown hair. The vehicle is described as a small, gold colored beat-up car.  Mr. Hartman thinks it is likely that the driver lives near the accident site (NW 31st and Military).  Employees of The Red Cup coffee house helped Mr. Hartman until medical help could arrive.   Mr. Hartman was left with a badly broken leg.  If you have any information, please contact the Oklahoma City Police at 405-231-2121.

Mr. Hartman doesn’t have insurance so his co-workers have setup a collection fund at Coppermark Bank to help defray the medical costs.  You can leave donations at any local Coppermark Bank location.

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