Day 11 (6/13/2012): Watonga to Guthrie (74 Miles)

Day 11 (6/13/2012): Watonga to Guthrie (74 Miles)

B&W photo of a wheat field on a hazy day.

If I had to choose one word to describe today’s ride, it would definitely be flat. However, with a crosswind, it still wasn’t exactly an easy ride. However I still really enjoyed it and it was without any mechanical difficulties. The high point of the ride was the spontaneous creation of an 30 person paceline made up of mostly Oklahoma Bicycle Society members. I don’t ride in pacelines very often, but when I can find one I can keep up with, I will certainly join in. We kept up a good pace for about 10 miles and while it certainly took a bunch of energy out of me, I had a blast doing it.

Color photo a bicycle leaning against the entrance to a cemetary with the Lorenz name on top of it.

The other interesting discovery was a family plot in the middle of nowhere that I knew nothing about. The Lorenz name isn’t exactly an uncommon one, but if I come across it in Oklahoma it usually means I’ve found a relative. (My mother would later confirm my suspicions) However, it is a little ominious to find your name on the gates of a cemetary while doing a long physical trek. ;)

Color photo a farm field full of yellow flowers and dotted with hay bales.

Guthrie provided us a nice flat park with lots of shade to setup camp in which was great after several nights of setting up in the sun. Grace drove up from the city for dinner and I loaded up on pasta, AC and wonderful company. I made sure to get to bed at a decent hour knowing that tomorrow I faced hills, hills and more hills.

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