Day 14 (6/16/2012): Ponca City to South Haven, Kansas (37 Miles)

The last day started off beautifully. The weather was predicted to be clear with a strong south tailwind with storms moving in for the afternoon but long after I would have gotten into South Haven. With Grace being so kind as to pack up camp, I was out on the road by 6:30 and was setting a good pace. However, it wasn’t long into the morning until it quickly became clear that the weather people had gotten their timing wrong.

B&W picture of storms over a wheat field.

With darkness like that coming at you, you certainly can feel an urge to hunker down. However, there wasn’t much lightning with this storm and most of it seemed to be staying to the South and so I decided to press on. I can say I certainly doubted my decision when I looked back after the front had passed over and this was my view:

B&W picture of storms over a road.

However, while it certainly did rain and fiercely, it really wasn’t too bad and I was glad to keep going and stay warm while making progress. After about a half-and-hour the rain died down a bit and soon after than the wind switched back to the South and I started making great time again. Before I knew it, I was at the Kansas border ready for the obligatory state sign shot.

B&W picture of myself leaning against a bicycle at a sign marking the Kansas border.

Of course, not everything could go that smoothly. Just a mile or so further down the road and within sight of the water tower at South Haven I got a flat on my front wheel. But after hunting down the little piece of wire that made it through my tire, I was soon back on the road and to the finish line in no time.

B&W picture of myself leaning against a bicycle at a banner marking the finish of Oklahoma Freewheel.

After a hot shower and a thorough exploration of the pastries on offer by the good people of South Haven, I was refreshed and happy.

B&W collage of myself eating.

Grace and I sat comfortably until Moni arrived, who we had offered a ride back to OKC. Soon enough we were on our way and while I would miss the joy of being out on the road, I was thrilled at the prospect of some time back home and with Grace. Till next year . . .

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