AMBUCS to Donate Trikes to Disabled Children and Veterans

AMBUCS, a nonprofit organization specializing in providing mobility solutions for children and adults with disabilities with transportation options, will be giving away 100 trikes to children and veterans on Saturday morning in downtown Oklahoma City. These bikes called AmTryke’s come available with hand and/or foot cranks to meet the requirements of the riders. There will be several other events for children and veterans held throughout the day:

AMBUCS will donate about 100 bikes to children and veterans Saturday morning in downtown Oklahoma City during its AmTryke Celebration Day.There also will be biking-related events during the day.

Trek for Trykes will be at 8 a.m. A veterans ride begins at 9 a.m. and the AmTryke Rodeo at 10 a.m.The AmTryke therapeutic tricycles are designed for people who are unable to operate traditional bikes because of disabilities.

All events will begin at the Cox Convention Center at 1 Myriad Gardens.

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2 thoughts on “AMBUCS to Donate Trikes to Disabled Children and Veterans

  1. We have an AmTryke, 3 wheel tricycle with basket, that has not been used. It was for our son who is disabled, but due to his disabilities, he is unable to use it. We asked West Texas Rehab to send it back since we could not use it, but they said they could not. It was not what we had told his therapist we needes. Can you give us a name locally that can use it, or can you pick it up? We live just outside San Angelo, TX.
    Thank you,
    Virginia Brown

  2. Keyton Daniel Krueger is 3 yrs. old. He is so sweet.he has spina bifida l2 , paralyzed waist down. He really needs a tricycle and I’m tying I just can’t afford one.i’m close .my number is 502 e like you.268 5309. The look in his eyes when he watches the other children play(mobility) is ponder.well I am soo thankful for peopl

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