Demise of Project 365

As you all probably long ago guessed, I have abandoned my Project 365 photo experiment quite some time ago. It was a fun idea, but it quickly got to the point that I was forcing myself to take pictures that I didn’t like instead of feeling challenged to find subjects that I did want to photograph. I think for a lot of people the demands of such a project can bring out some great creativity, but it just started to burn me out.

B&W photo off the wheat field.

That being said, I did get a lot out of the project. I have been inspired to shoot more frequently and I have really gotten a chance to put my new Fuji X100 through its paces and boy do I love that camera. But instead of forcing myself to push on with this project I’m going to start a couple of other creative endeavors that I will describe soon.

In the mean time, I will be posting some straggling images from my Project 365 experiment that I will think are worth posting. Thanks for all of the comments and encouragement you sent me during this project. It was fun while it lasted.

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