Oklahoma Freewheel 2013 Route Announced

The Oklahoma Freewheel has announced their 2013 route with a return to eastern Oklahoma after a couple of years further west.  This year will start in Idabel and finish in Joplin, MO after crossing some scenic and a bit hilly terrain.  Total mileage is between 458-509 miles depending on the optional routes.

Route Breakdown

Day 0, June 8: Idabel-TX Border      41 miles

Day 1, June 9: Idabel-Antlers              68 miles

Day 2, June 10: Antlers-Talihina        62 OR 73 miles

Day 3, June 11: Talihina-Warner       68 miles

Day 4, June 12: Warner-Tahlequah  58 miles

Day 5, June 13: Tahlequah-Pryor      60 OR 100 miles

Day 6, June 14: Pryor-Miami                64 miles

Day 7, June 15: Miami-Joplin, MO   37 miles


As mentioned earlier, Adult registration starts at $295 and $195 for youth 6-24.  Registration is available now at http://www.okfreewheel.info/wps/2013-2/registration/.

One thought on “Oklahoma Freewheel 2013 Route Announced

  1. There’s always one grouchy old man who complains. Am I right? Participants in this event need to be KEENLY aware that residents of rural counties are NOT mindful of bicycle riders on these highly traveled, narrow highways. Just today I passed Free Wheelers (which i have heartily supported in the past) on a shoulder-less stretch of highway south of Interstate 40 and Warner, OK. Two different times in less than ten miles, riders veered in front of me to the point I had to be on my horn. This is a VERY busy stretch of farm-to-market road, frequented by oilfield service trucks, big rigs and commercial as well as private vehicles of every other sort. In places, there was barely room for cars to pass each other in getting around bicycles, and in other places motor vehicles had to stop entirely; which bicyclists never did. I’m all FOR biking as an adventure and fitness activity, but let’s be reasonable about our routes. We country folks may encounter a serious bicyclist once a month, and as such, we just don’t think about the unpredictability of all of you. Be careful. No one wants a tragedy. Happy riding. – jb

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