#30DaysofBiking Day 4 - Here Comes the Sun

Color photo of a freshly cleaned bike chain and gears.

Chain Cleaining

Today was a day of changing cycling fortunes.  After two days of soaking, cold rains, today was the first chance for me to dry out.  This morning started off pretty cold, but without a falling rain, it was still a great improvement.  That said, after the earlier cold, wet rides and a lack of sleep, I didn’t have any energy for the ride and I kind of drug myself into work.

However, by the afternoon, the sun had come out, the temps had risen into the mid-50s and it was like a whole new world out there.  My ride home was glorious and, compared with the morning ride, considerably more spirited.  I know we are supposed to get more rain next week, and yes, I know we desperately need it.  But I’m going to enjoy have a few days of blue skies between now and then.

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