#30DaysofBiking Days 7-10: Ditches and Cycling Don't Mix

Color collage of Grace's sewer line being slowly dug up.

As mentioned before, my father Mark and I, with maybe more enthusiasm than sense, have taken on the daunting task of doing a sewer line replacement on our own and without heavy earth moving equipment. Progress has been good, at least until today, but I must admit that, I was not nearly in good enough shape to have taken this project on. I have been going home absolutely exhausted and sleeping much like the dead. However, I have been keeping up with my #30DaysofBiking, but only just barely. By barely, I mean that with stubborn tenacity, I have been forcing myself to ride up the block and back for the world’s shortest of rides. ;) But, I remain committed to the project, even if I am taking a loophole to stay in the ride.

Color collage of Grace's old sewer line completely removed.

All Dug Up

The project was getting close to fruition as of the end of day yesterday. The ditch was completely dug up and we even removed almost all of the old line. We purchased the new line and fittings and were excited to get the job finished today, but the weather had something else in mind.

Color collage of Grace's old sewer line trench filled with water.

And the Skies Opened Up

Cold rain and ice made any progress basically impossible, and it wasn’t exactly ideal cycling weather either. I did make a cold, wet one block ride, but it wasn’t fun nor fulfilling. The weather looks good for tomorrow, so with a little luck, this massive job will be done by the end of the day. It will be nice to get back to some nice relaxing cycling for my daily physical exertion.

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