All About Me (Or, the Exciting Life of a Tech Junkie)

The RadicalWacko's Hidden IdentityWelcome to my little home on the web. I was born in northern California and spent some time in Malaysia as a small child, but spent most of my childhood in Oklahoma City.  All in all, it was a good place to grow up.  Lots of space, good people and great conversations.  However, by my senior year, my heart had grown restless and I wanted to see a new place.

So, I left Oklahoma City for big adventures in the Windy City after high school. I attended DePaul University and graduated with a degree in Computer Science in 1999. I stayed on with the university in the IT department through 2001 as a software developer.

During that time I experimented with the idea of a for-profit theater company. My friend Scott Burtness and I started a theater company called MadMonk Productions. We decided to put on Ayn Rand’s Night of January 16th at the Chopin Theater.  He was the director and I had the lofty title of producer. For two guys who knew almost nothing about theatre business, it was a great success. We had good houses and the show got at least one good press review (the rest of the reviewers had no taste).

However, I should have made it to see the musical of The Producers before I started my little undertaking. In the first act, the consummate producer Max Ballystock informs his young protege of the two cardinal rules of theater producing, “Never put up your own money, AND never put up your own money.” I ended up losing my shirt on the deal, but I had a blast doing it.

Well, combined with that little financial setback and a well advised decision to quit my job during the height of the tech bust, I found myself broke, destitute and without prospects. So with a lump in my throat and my tail between my legs, I made my way back to Oklahoma City.

I worked briefly as a janitor in town while staying with my folks. However, I soon found employment as a contract programmer at a small start-up called Advanced Academics that offers online high-school courses for students who want to catch up or augment their regular curriculum. I was with the company now for over five years now and rose to the title of Director of Information Technology.  I’ve returned to the true geek business and am now a software developer here in Oklahoma City.

I’ve also purchased a little house in the heart of the city (my parent’s old place actually) which suits me well. I’ve got a great library, a huge yard and just the right amount of peaceful solitude.

Most people say I work too much, and they are probably correct. But I’ve got my pastimes too. I own a 2004 Mini Cooper named Dominique and when ever I feel like the world is closing in, I can always jump in my car and head out into the wild open of some deserted highway, seeing the sites and hugging the curves.

I’m also a bit of an amateur photographer. Below you can see a short slide show of some of my favorite shots:

The rest of my pictures are over at the galleries if you want to see some more.

I enjoy a wide variety of music but especially jazz. I keep season tickets to the Tulsa Opera which is always a wonderful experience. I also still greatly enjoy the theater, though don’t try to pitch me any scripts.

If you’ve gotten this far, I’m a bit surprised, but still very grateful. For the time being, the future looks bright.  So, after many a set back, I remain a tech junkie ready to hit the road . . .

Here at RadicalWacko you’ll find my best attempts at creativity including my rants and raves, photographs and anything else that catches my fancy.Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Contact Info:
Email: nathan [at] radicalwacko [dot] com (My PGP Key)
MSN: nathan_lorenz@hotmail.com
AOL: swingjazz251
Skype: nlorenz

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  1. Hi Nathan,

    I stumbled onto your site through the ok-bike-society post. Nice to “meet” you. I’ve been cycling for about 3 years and my husband for the past 2. We’re both in the techie world… he probably more than me ;) He lives it… dreams it… eats and sleeps with it. haha He’s a software engineer and I’m the IT Director at a small school in Edmond. It’s nice to “meet” you and maybe we’ll see you out on the road sometime. Do you ride with a specific cycling club?


  2. Hello, we’ve got an old (not fancy or high end) men’s 26″ 10 speed bike that we want to give away to someone who fixes bikes and gives them away. It needs a new cable. Do you know of a drop off or a contact for bikes to be given away? Thanks.

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