Feces Physics

Scientific American has now asked and answered the questions you were either to afraid to ask or never wanted to know. How fast is the bowel movement of an elephant and how does that compare, to say, a dog? Which species produce “floaters” and which “sinkers”? A true gem from the article, “The Physicics of Poop”: Together, this meant that defecation duration is constant across many animal species – around 12 seconds (plus or minus 7 seconds) – even though the volume varies greatly. [Read More]


A great little short from the slightly bent mind of Rodrigo Blaas at Pixar.  Watch in HD if you have the bandwidth:

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

Componded Irony

If there has ever been any doubt that man is an irony making animal, then this should dispel it:

It’s amazing that people are so terrified about being offended that they run for cover the moment a single one of their convictions is challenged.  Just makes me smile.

Thanks to Jessica over at ¿Dónde está la Biblioteca?

Robo Punk

An idea way ahead of its time . . .