Project 365 - Day 173: Industrial

Day 173: Industrial

We’ve been stuck in town for way too long so we took a long weekend to head to Dallas for a concert and a few days in the big D. Alex and Gwen had never ridden a train, so we took the Heartland Flyer there and back which let me get some good industrial decay photos.

Project 365 - Day 175: Turtle

Day 175: Turtle

For the last day, we had a nice leisurely brunch followed by a stroll around the Dallas World Aquarium and then a lunch with Grace’s brother before heading back home. The vacation was a great time and a much needed break from the routine.

Project 365 - Day 171: Still Seeking Inspiration

Day 171: Still Seeking Inspiration

I was still struggling along with this project hoping to break free of the photographic doldrums that I’ve been toiling in. In a couple of days I headed to Dallas for a little get away which did a lot to help this lethargy, but it’s still hard keeping up.

Project 365 - Day 168: Grilling Time

Day 168: Grilling Time

The unseasonably warm weather for March is allowing for the grilling season to start a bit early. I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

Project 365 - Day 169: Outdoor Lunch

Day 169: Outdoor Lunch

I know, I’m gushing over this pretty weather, but it really is that nice. Eating lunch outdoors at the very beginning of March is really a pleasant change from the norm.

Project 365 - Day 170: Legacy Tech

Day 170: Legacy Tech

I keep walking by my various CD cases around the house with greater and greater annoyance. I’ve ripped most of them, but there are still many more left to do. I just need to take a long weekend and finish them off.

Project 365 - Day 166: Going Home

Well, as a videographer, I have a long way to go. I made a desperate attempt to inspire some creativity, I decided to shoot some video. Unfortunately, I only shot this shaky, bumpy video of my ride home for the day. I guess I can only get better. In any case, here is my favorite part of my ride home in the quiet of the night when I soon know my toils of the day will be over. [Read More]