Project 365 – Day 88: Damp Day

Day 88: Damp Day

This certainly doesn’t qualify as one of the more attractive photos, but I guess it tells the story of my day.  It was a very damp but pleasant ride to work but I required some improvised drying techniques to get ready for the ride home.  Thankfully no one dropped by my desk during the day.

Project 365 – Day 35: Dominique is Back

Day 35: Dominique is Back
After almost two months of sitting around with a dead battery, Dominique is revived and happily running. I still love the Mini, but I haven’t really been missing driving a much as I would have suspected. Still, I’m glad to find out that the fix was pretty simple and that I have a car again when I need one.

Project 365 – Day 33: Pelicans

Day 33: Pelicans

The pelicans have been at Lake Overholser for a while now on their way south, but I finally got there at the right time of day for a close shot.

Dawn at Overholser is always really pretty so here are a couple of more runners-up from the same day:

Still Water

Mist Off the Dam