Oklahoma Trek – Day 0: Prologue

Or, Things Start Looking Rocky but are Ignored Through Enthusiasm for the Adventure.

It is a sign that it has been a troubled trip when it is almost a week in before I start posting trip reports, however things are improving greatly and I have the time and the energy to start catching up. Saturday was a day that I had been dreading for sometime. I had volunteered to lead any of this year’s Freewheel training rides that no one else picked up. Unfortunately, this left me with the 70 mile training ride the day before I was scheduled to head out on my trip. We tried and tried to find someone to take the ride for me, but to no avail.

Not only was I worried about the energy expenditure, but I was worried that I might be out on the road for an exceptional amount of time. Thankfully, I shouldn’t have worried for I was by far the slowest guy out there so on that count things worked perfectly. Also this ride took us out to Calumet by way of El Reno which thankfully is extremely flat.

New Pedal

The other bit of good news was that I threw a bearing in one of my pedals on the ride back in. While this may not sound like great news, I was thrilled that it happened before I was out on the open road with no chance of repair.

So, outside of being a bit tired and getting more sun than I wanted, I ended the day with a lot of confidence about the next day. What a fool am I . . .

This is a journal about my three week, 800+ mile journey around Oklahoma to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. Get details here and donate at http://main.diabetes.org/Goto/NathanLorenz


A Great Cause, A Great Ride

Many of you have expressed upset, if not downright dismay, at the lack of head shaving from me this year. While I really enjoyed the St. Baldrick’s Day event, this year I am serving on the organizing committee for the Tour de Cure ride in Mustang, Oklahoma. This ride raises critical funding for diabetes research for the American Diabetes Association. As of 2010, over 10% of Oklahoman’s have been diagnosed with some form of diabetes and many more remain undiagnosed. This far outstrips the national average and it one of the most critical health issues facing our state. So, to do my part, I am going to be riding the 62 mile distance on June 23rd in Mustang, OK.

Well, I can already hear the taunts, “You do that distance on your days off, for fun! There’s no torture or humiliation in that. Why do you think I gave you money to get your head shaved, for charity? No, I gave it to you to see you humiliated and in pain.”

OK, I get that. If that’s not enough pain, suffering and silliness for you, I’ll give you a bonus. Starting on June 3rd, I will be taking a two-week bicycle journey across Oklahoma. For the first week I will be carrying all of my gear, food and water as I do a self-contained ride down to Frederick, OK, near the Texas border. At Frederick, OK, I will join up with 800 other crazy people for Oklahoma Freewheel which will take me to South Haven, KS six days later. Here is a rough map of my route. With the 70 mile training ride I am leading the day before I leave town and the official Tour de Cure ride the week after I get back, it works out to over 800 miles in only three weeks. So, if it’s torture you want, just think of me out there in the Oklahoma wilderness dragging my sorry self through the heat, humidity and hills.  See sample illustration below:

 And if it is general humiliation you are looking for, I promise to look as silly as these guys throughout the entire trip:

In all seriousness, this is a great cause and if you can, it would mean a lot to me and to many Oklahoman’s if you could donate.  You can donate to my ride directly at http://main.diabetes.org/goto/NathanLorenz.  Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

A Great Cause, A Great Ride

I don’t often put out fundraising pleas to this blog, but this is a cause worthy of all the attention I can muster.  As fellow Oklahomans, you know all to well the severe impact that diabetes is having on our community.  As of 2010, more than 10% of the Oklahoma population had been diagnosed with some form of diabetes, far greater than the national average.  That doesn’t even begin to count the large numbers people who have the disease but remain undiagnosed.   Diabetes is, without a doubt, one of the largest health problems affecting our state.

Therefore, I, along with many other riders, will be participating in this year’s Tour de Cure in Mustang. This group ride raises critical funds for the American Diabetes Association.  I will be participating in the 62 mile ride and while that distance is enough to greatly impress my non-cyclist friends, I know my cycling friends are a tougher crowd.  So this year, I am throwing in my first self-contained bicycle tour in many, many years along with my participation in this year’s Oklahoma Freewheel as mileage in support of this cause (here is a rough map).  This along with a training ride I am leading and the Tour de Cure ride will work out to more than 800 miles in three weeks in the name of stopping this disease.

If you can participate, please consider signing up here.  However, if you can’t, any donations to the cause would be so greatly appreciated.  You can donate to my ride here: http://main.diabetes.org/goto/NathanLorenz

Thanks so much for your support!