#30DaysofBiking Days 19 – 21: Progress!

Still haven’t been able to get back completely into the regular posting schedule, but thankfully I’ve been able to keep riding!

#30DaysofBiking Day 19: Just Another Day at Work

I continue to get most of my cycling through my daily commute to work.  The big change I’ve made is to start riding more and more in my work clothes instead of always wearing a change.  My short ride is only 6.5 miles and, at least during the spring, if I take it easy I can arrive at work, refreshed but not horribly sweaty.  I think we cyclists can often make our rides too complicated and think we need more gear and kit

After work, I stopped by the project house to do some painting as we get the house ready to be listed for sale.  It feels better and better as we get closer to getting this house listed.

#30DaysofBiking Day 20: House is Listed!

Photo Apr 20, 12 46 16 PM

Spent the morning getting some last-minute cosmetic stuff finished up on the interior of the house and giving the house a good clean before our Realtor came by to take pictures and let us know if she saw any issues before we listed the house.  Thankfully, she didn’t outside of a little bit of painting in the garage and some landscaping in the back.  We are finally getting closer to getting the house sold.  If you are looking for a cute 1100 sq. ft. house on the northwest side, please give Jane O’Toole a call at 751-4848 or at janeotoole@remax.net.  The house has a new roof, new sewer line and new carpet.  It’s a perfect starter home and is move-in ready!

Took a nice relaxed ride home after we were done.  It felt great!

#30DaysofBiking Day 21: A Laid Back Day.

Stopped by the project house to finish up most of the little punch list items for the house including the painting and the leveling of a little earth settling in the back yard.  Took a wonderfully long nap in the afternoon.  After dark, I took a quick ride around the block in the still of the evening to get my ride in for the day.  A perfect relaxing day.

Strange Offerings

We’ve been experiencing a weird regular ritual at the old farm-house. Starting about 3 months ago, we’ve received small food offerings on our front sidewalk every month. The items are always fresh and unopened usually consisting of milk, candy, bags of chips and the like. Once was a little strange, but this is now the third time.

Originally I assumed that these were accidentally left by some school kids coming home from the elementary school up the street. But this last time, the offering arrived on a Saturday evening, and I’m still pretty sure kids don’t voluntarily run by school on the weekends.

So, now I’m starting to wonder if we have gotten a slightly wrong reputation in the neighborhood. I’m guessing that we are now known as a pair of malevolent spirits who must be appeased in order to assure peace and prosperity for those on the block. If that is the case, would it be wrong to write the following on the sidewalk? “The offerings are appreciated, but going forward we demand whiskey.”