Overholser Detour Gets Safety Signs

While the Old Route 66 Bridge along Lake Overholser is undergoing much needed deck repair, cyclists have been forced to take an unappealing detour along busy 39th street to cross over the Lake Overholser spillway. To help make this passage safer, Oklahoma City has placed signs such as the one shown right on both sides of 39th street and have run street sweepers along the detour route. While I did still see quite a bit of debris still on the shoulder, the route is much much clearer than before and it very passable. [Read More]

Overholser Bridge to be Closed for Repairs

Photo by: Michael Kesler The following email was sent along to the Oklahoma Bicycle Society mailing list: In Mid October we will be starting a bridge rehabilitation project for the City of Oklahoma City, which involves the re-habilitation of the truss bridge on the north side of Lake Overholser. We will be removing the concrete deck and replacing the floor beams and related structural steel items and placing a new concrete deck. [Read More]