Another Little Rambling

I guess it’s time for a personal update though there isn’t all that much to report. Work has been keeping me a little bit busier than usual, but hey, if I wasn’t working I would have to figure out something else to do. Besides, keeping busy has been instrumental in helping me through the nicotine withdrawal. I have to admit that it has been much easier this time than any time in the past. Not sure why, maybe I’ve done this enough times that I’m in good practice. ;) Well, here’s to keeping it permanent.

However, the other side effects of quitting smoking are becoming apparent. One of the great things about being a smoker if you are a high-strung/high-energy person is that the work your body is going through to purge the toxins you pour in keeps you somewhat subdued. I’m a little bit hyper these days, requiring little sleep and suffering from a desire to bounce off the walls. This overwhelming energy has been leaving me with a great desire for an adventure. I’m not sure what I should do to fill this need, but I’ve been trying not to start hitch hiking towards Mexico.

Dylan and Ann

Dylan and Ann

Speaking of adventure, my friend and intrepid explorer Dylan and his lovely wife Ann are about to begin another great exploration. Being the hopeless romantics that they are, they have decided to walk 3000 miles across the country together with very few chances to bathe along the Continental Divide Trail. While there will probably not be much time or opportunity for Dylan to update his site, I’m sure he’ll occasionally find a way and his adventures are always worth a read.

While I doubt I will ever have the energy for such a trek, I’m gonna have to find something. One little thing I’ve been doing lately is going to see live music here in town. For you jazz fiends here in OKC, there is a great act playing here in town this weekend called Champian and the Big Boys of Rhythm. They will be playing at Maker’s Straight Up Jazz Lounge. I highly recommend checking them out this weekend as their lead singer is studying music in New York and only rarely makes it to town.

Outside of all of this, I’m finally feeling ready to start another entrepreneurial enterprise. While my secretive nature prevents me from talking about details, it feels real good to be working on a very personal project again. I think that sums up most everything. More soon . . .

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