Life Update

What a week! It hasn’t been my best but I’m fighting through. We are way past “thin” in my department so I am now on a frantic hiring frenzy to fill our vacant posts. The economy must be improving because finding qualified local candidates is becoming extremely difficult. That or they are moving out of state faster than I can find them. We’ll find the right people, but I may have pulled out my hair before then. If you are looking for some good computer work with a fun company, check out these job descriptions.

My other horrible trial this week was my poor old car, Ruby. She’s been acting up a bit lately so I finally took her into the shop. It’s a horrible thing when you mechanic calls you up on the phone and the first words out of his mouth are, “You don’t want to spend a lot on this car, do you?” Essentially, as it stands right now, she probably could do with enough work that it would cost as much as her original asking price. I went with the bare minimum including the replacement of some very tired and loose tie rods. Let’s hope she can hold on till the end of the year when I can finally get my Mini Cooper. She’s been a great car, but I think it’s time I let her go to that great car graveyard that is the South Side of OKC.

I did do something fun and youthful this week. I went to the first big rock concert I’ve been to in several years: The Strokes with an opening act called The Sounds. Both acts were good and extremely entertaining but it was The Sounds that really got my attention. In essence they are a Swedish retro 80’s New Wave/Punk band. They have the act down perfect all the way from the crimped hair and thin ties to the funky dance moves and Moog synth sounds. They even came prepared with an entire audience of screaming fans who weren’t even born when that style held sway. Well, I guess that’s ok, I collect records from the 1930’s anyway. ;) However, I am scared that in five years we are going to have retro 90’s grunge bands. Like I said though, both acts give a great show. Give them a look if they come through your town.