New Stalker Tools

I’ve signed up for a neat dual purpose service called AudioScrobbler. Essentially, it tracks every song you play on your local machine, uploads them to their server and builds a musical profile of your taste. They then use that information to sell to record companies to help them market their new music to the appropriate listeners. They do that through a great little radio station tied in called which, once you have a nice profile built up it really does a great job of introducing you to new music that doesn’t drive you completely nuts.

The other side advantage of the service is that I can now provide you another tool to track this boring computer nerd. You can now see the last 5 tracks that I’ve played on the right hand frame. So for all of you that have way too much spare time, stalk away. BTW, I’m really disturbed by a few of you people who watch the webcam for hours on end. Trust me, nothing exciting will ever happen there. ;)

Update (02/28/2005, 6:00PM): The moment I announce this little change, the feed goes down. I’ll update when the song list is back up and running.

Update (03/01/2005, 5:50 PM): OK, looks the server is back up and running. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “New Stalker Tools

  1. What happens if your profile turns out to be something horribly, utterly disgusting….something that cannot even be spoken, much less lived with?… “Quiet Riot Roadie” or “You Are the Bangles”… do you go on in life?

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