Historical Meatballs

Historical Meatballs
Historical Meatballs

It’s scary when you find two year old Italian Food in your refrigerator.


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  1. It’s a sign of a high-class bachelor that your fridge artifacts are labeled with a date. When my dad and I lived together, discovering the age of an open can of spam or fuzzy takeout box would have required carbon dating. If you were fortunate you might dig up an old can of tuna or something with an expiration date to use for reference. I know that some artifacts survived there for years after I moved out. Archeologists may someday reconstruct the food processing technology of distinct industrial eras from such finds.

  2. We used to put containers like this on the floor, stand over them and make comments about what it looks like from above.

    Yours looks like a large tan rock outcropping, with some brownish fir trees amidst an explosure of dirt and hoses….basically an industrial waste complex. Pretty sweet.

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