Edmond City Council Passes 3-Foot Rule

Following the cue of Oklahoma City and Norman, the Edmond City Council has passed an ordinance change that requires vehicles to pass cyclists with at least 3-feet of distance. Violation of the ordnance comes with a fine of not more than $500. The Ordinance also makes several other changes to cycling rules in Edmond:

  • It officially defines a bicycle as a vehicle when traveling on the road ways.
  • Clarifies the definitions of bike lane and shared-use paths.
  • Requires that cyclists stay under the posted speed limit.
  • Allows cyclists (NOT REQUIRES) to ride on the sidewalk everywhere in Edmond except for the downtown area which is defined as “south of Thatcher, east of the railroadright-of-way, north of Second Street, and west of Littler.”  Not that I would ever recommend taking up the extremely dangerous practice of cycling on the sidewalk.
  • Removes the requirement that cyclists have a bell, whistle or other noise maker on their bike.

You can read the full ordinance and background information in the City Council Agenda packet: http://edmondok.com/docs/city_council/meeting_agendas_and_minutes/03_28_2011_packet.pdf

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