Oklahoma Trek - Day 0: Prologue

Or, Things Start Looking Rocky but are Ignored Through Enthusiasm for the Adventure.

It is a sign that it has been a troubled trip when it is almost a week in before I start posting trip reports, however things are improving greatly and I have the time and the energy to start catching up. Saturday was a day that I had been dreading for sometime. I had volunteered to lead any of this year’s Freewheel training rides that no one else picked up. Unfortunately, this left me with the 70 mile training ride the day before I was scheduled to head out on my trip. We tried and tried to find someone to take the ride for me, but to no avail.

Not only was I worried about the energy expenditure, but I was worried that I might be out on the road for an exceptional amount of time. Thankfully, I shouldn’t have worried for I was by far the slowest guy out there so on that count things worked perfectly. Also this ride took us out to Calumet by way of El Reno which thankfully is extremely flat.

New Pedal

The other bit of good news was that I threw a bearing in one of my pedals on the ride back in. While this may not sound like great news, I was thrilled that it happened before I was out on the open road with no chance of repair.

So, outside of being a bit tired and getting more sun than I wanted, I ended the day with a lot of confidence about the next day. What a fool am I . . .

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