Day 3 (6/5/2012): Foss Lake to Quartz Mountain (44 miles)

I got a really early start this morning. My mother drove us into Elk City for a fast food breakfast and then she gave me a bit of a head start by getting me through some busy highway driving first. But now it was time to see if I could really make this happen.

Mom, the Rescuer

Well, it was like Sunday had never happened. My legs felt great and I started eating into the miles. Then, the gods really smiled upon me and granted me the rarest of favors, a north wind in June. I was half way through by 9:30 in the morning. With my confidence restored I was really able to start enjoying the ride.


The country I was riding through was truely beautiful following the recent wheat harvest with rolling hills of gold everywhere. And the people along the way were extremely nice. A couple of farmers waved me over to just to ask about my adventures and to give me advice about my route.

Let the climbing for the day begin.

There was some definite climbing over a pretty good sized pass into Quartz Mountain, but that was about the extent of my exertions. I arrived feeling refreshed and and with my confidence thankfully restored!

More Photos Below:

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