Day 2 (6/4/2012): Unexpected Rest Day

Or Where Our Intrepid Hero Questions His Choices Or Do I Really Need That?

So after a long night of cramping and hydrating, I woke up with at least enough confidence to continue the ride but now I had to figure out how to make that happen. Grace had offered to wake up super early on Tuesday and drive me out to Red Rock again, but that would have required me to ride every day for the rest of the week and I wasn’t sure I would be up for that. My mother the offered to drive me out to Foss Lake where I could pick up the schedule so sorely messed up the day before. This struck me as the best idea and I took her up on it, but before we left I had to cut some weight from my bags.

I had gotten my weight down to about 55 lbs but that was still just way too much. I like to be prepared, but I had taken it a little too far. By cutting back on cooking supplies, a few extra tools and repair supplies and some clothing I was able to get it down below 50 lbs which I figured was a reasonable amount to handle.

At four that afternoon, we set out to Foss Lake and after and extremely large chicken fried steak, settled down for a restless night. My confidence was still shaken but I was excited to try again in the morning.

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