Day 8 (6/10/2012): Frederick to Elgin (73 Miles)

Up really early to drive back to Frederick one last time before heading back out towards Elgin. It started out nice and flat with a great tailwind, but we all knew that once we got into the Wichita Mountains, things would get tougher. However, the ride in was beautiful with the prairie, wild flowers and the mountains all around.

On the Road

In some ways joining the group for the ride is nice for the company and support, but in some ways I miss the independence I felt out on my own. However, rest stops are always a welcome thing.

Rest Stop

After a pretty ride through the park, I made yet another stop in Medicine Park, where I had stayed for the last two nights, for lunch and a quick dip in the swimming hole.

Hydration is important!

Finished up the ride in good time despite some good hills and a crosswind and felt nice and relaxed when I rolled into Elgin. However, it was nice to get into camp for a nice nap before dinner and sleep.

Ride Details (I forgot to start my computer after leaving Medicine Park)

More Pictures Below

Climbing some hills!

Cyclists and Cattle Guards

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