Day 7 (6/9/2012): Red River Loop (37 miles)

I slept in a bit this morning and we then headed back to Frederick for the Day Zero Freewheel ride to the Red River and back while Hollis and Grace went out for a little bird bothering. It should have been a piece of cake ride with nothing resembling a hill to be seen, however a stiff headwind made it slow going down to the Red River.

Texas Border

However, the ride back was a fantastic sprint and I got back just in time for some lunch. We then headed back into the Wichita Wildlife Refuge and headed up Mount Scott for some sight-seeing. The drive up made my decision about my participation in the next day’s optional ride up the mountain an easy no, but it was a pretty sight at the top.

Mount Scott

We headed to Meers for some burgers and conversation and then back to the cabin so I could get packed up and sleep one last time in a real bed for the next week.


Ride Details

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