Day 9 (6/11/2012): Elgin to Anadarko (63 Miles)

Today was much shorter and flatter than the previous day, but for some reason it was much more tiring. Maybe it was because it was a route that had been extended from about a 28 mile direct route out to a 63 mile scenic one. For some reason my transportation mind can’t always happily accept the long route. However, it was a nice ride through some rolling hills and some pretty sights.

Truckin ‘

And for all of my complaining about taking the long route, if I had taken the short cut I would have missed my chance for the silly photo of the day, a real fork in the road:

There is a fork in the road, what should I do?

Spent an uneventful evening in camp reading and eating which was really just what I needed and wanted.

Ride Details

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Ready for a downhill.

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