Day 13 (6/15/2012): Drumright to Ponca City (78 Miles)

B&W cyclists crossing an old bridge.

Today was a pretty day of rolling hills, trees and fields and river roads. However, it was also the longest ride of the trip and it was a hot day to boot, so it certainly wasn’t an easy day. Realizing that the main part of my journey was coming to an end, I rode with a certain amount of vigor and confidence. Therefore, I was relieved when Dennis’ rest stop appeared as the last stop before the destination.

B&W photo of Dennis's amazing rolling Freewheel rest stop.

Dennis is sort of a Freewheel legend. He rode Freewheel frequently in the past when he wasn’t doing long treks to Alaska. These days he follows us along the route with his remarkable reststop caravan which carries everything cycle tourists could possibly want including shade, restrooms, oatmeal cookies and all the ice cold water and gatoraid you could drink. He always holds the last stop on the way into town and it is always a relief to see his stop in the distance.

I made my way into town and was searching for a nice camp spot when Grace spotted me and took me to the already partially assembled camp site, now that’s a treat. After a shower, we headed off to get the end-of-the-trail meal. We spent the rest of the evening sitting in the shade, watching the world go by and listening to the bluegrass concert going on in the park. A perfect last evening for Freewheel.

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