#30DaysofBiking Day 11: I Can See The End in Sight

We started our little sewer line project with a good amount of enthusiasm thought with a certain amount of trepidation. While progress has been pretty constant, it has for the last couple of days, seemed like the project might never reach an end. While we didn’t finish it today, the project is truly getting close to completion. The first big hurdle was to get the new line laid, which actually went extremely smoothly.

Color photo of Grace's new sewer line layed in the trench.

However, with the rain yesterday, when it came time to fill in the trench, things slowed down considerably. What had been loose dirt has become thick clay-filled mud. We were able to get about half the ditch filled in before we finally retreated for the day.

Color photo of Grace's new sewer line after being partially covered.

Hopefully the weather will provide a little time to let it earth dry out so I can get it into the ground. In any case, I hope today is the last time where I get home almost too exhausted to ride. I did have enough energy though to make it around the block which is an improvement from going up and back.

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