Gunnison Lakeside RV Park & Cabins

Gunnison Lakeside RV Park & Cabins

About 10 miles outside of Gunnison, Colorado, is Gunnison Lake RV Park and Cabins. It’s conveniently location just across the highway from the Blue Mesa reservoir. It’s located on a somewhat steep slope but it is easy to navigate. However, because of the layout of the park, doesn’t give many trailers a view of the reservoir. Sites are gravel but are pretty level. Ours only required one leveling block to get perfectly level. As an older park, it has the wonderful advantage of having lots of mature trees, in this case very pretty aspens that line the roads and separate the sites. Aspens make such a lovely sound in even the slightest of breeze.

Less attractive is the doubling up of rigs into single driveways. We had a large diesel rig warm up his engine to depart and because he was backed up within about 2 feet of the rear of our trailer, he was able to force us out of the Airstream to get some fresh air, light headed and smelling of fumes. Thankfully, most people here seem to come to stay for a while so this only happened once to us.

As on-the-road internet workers, the internet here really was our big issue. There is no real cell phone signal here, just an occasional roaming 1x signal for Verizon. With the booster, we could make phone calls but that was about it. The park does provide Wifi with antennas scattered through out to provide a strong signal throughout the park. The speed seems to be throttled to about a 1Mbps speed which is perfectly adequate for us to work. However, they have some pretty severe data caps that come into play that will make it difficult for any working road warriors. They seem to throttle you down to 250kbps after about 300-400 MB in a single day. Don’t forget to turn off your Apple photos upload and attempt to upload more than 1GB, they will cut off your connection entirely. However, the office staff was extremely nice and helpful and turned us back on after that little incident. That said, we ended up going into Gunnison to the public library or one of the coffee shops in town to get our work done on several days. If you just need email and light web browsing, this park will be great, but if you need to put in an 8 hour day, this may not be the place for you.

We never used the laundry or shower facilities, but both seemed clean and accessible.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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