Practice Journal: Bonus Elvis

Practice Journal: Bonus Elvis

A great practice day, even got a chance to sneak in some Elvis, which is never a bad thing.

Satie Gymopedie No. 1

Pretty close to note perfect here, just a few notes that didn’t sound out. Also, I’m still having some issues with keeping those opening chords with even dynamics. If I can get that done, I think I will finally be happy with this one. Trying to pick out my next piece that everyone else learned in lessons, but somehow I didn’t. Thinking maybe Moonlight Sonata?

Chopin Waltz in B Minor

Went better today than yesterday. Back to struggling with the third section, which is where I belong.​ I am still pretty happy with the pacing, just need to get through those fast jumps.

Mozart Sonata in C Major, K545 - Second Movement

Did pretty good today, still having issue with the third bar of the begning of the 3rd section. My fingers are just not remembering that ending. Spent some time with the metronome, Chopin has spoiled me on timing, but Herr Mozart is a more demanding composer.

Can’t Help Falling in Love

I know almost no pop music and have no improvising skills. I got a Fake Book for Christmas and I’m trying to start developing some pop skills. Starting simple here, but you can never go wrong with Elvis.

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