Off My Feet, Back to Blogging?

Off My Feet, Back to Blogging?
So Christmas this year was a bit more eventful that we had planned. It started as expected, with an excited five year old getting out of bed well before dawn and shrieking with joy when she discovered her milk, cookies, and carrots had all been consumed by Santa and his helpers. Coffee was made for the bleary eyed parents and the opening of presents was comensed and finished by 7:30 AM. [Read More]

Happy Holidays

Color photo of my .nieces and nephews.

I finally have a moment with my feet up by the fire after a busy, but happy holiday sprint. Hoping that all of you had a fantastic holiday with a chance to spend time with family and loved ones!

Project 365 - Day 99: Christmas View

Day 99: Christmas View

Unfortunately, Grace, who had been feeling poorly for the last couple of days, woke up really sick on Christmas morning. And I started to come down with a cold as well. So, our activities for Christmas Day were primarily reserved for watching the fire. All in all, it could be much, much worse.