Car Free OKC: Grocery Shopping

When I lived in Chicago, grocery shopping was never really an issue. For example, at my last apartment, my grocery story was literally 25 yards away from my back door. Thanks to the re-opening of my local grocery store by El Mariachi, this is still true for me. However, this isn’t the situation for most people in OKC and there are times when I need to get stuff that my local store doesn’t carry, so I thought it would be great to talk about grocery shopping by bicycle. [Read More]

Car Free OKC: Commuting Bag

So far in my little experiment, I’ve really only been bicycling between home and work, which isn’t really a big change for me except that it’s my only option now. However, because I’m now completely reliant on the bicycle to get me around, I have been attempting to make myself absolutely prepared for as many problems as possible. I’m glad I did, since yesterday I had a nasty multiple puncture flat which thanks to equipment and planning was easily handled. [Read More]