Piedmont Crash Update

[caption id=“attachment_1143” align=“alignright” width=“150” caption=“Staff Photo of Pastor Gary Caldwell”][/caption] I’ve received numerous questions and have a small amount of new information regarding the crash on Monday that involved Pastor Gary Caldwell of the First Baptist Church of Piedmont and church staff member, Eric Johnson. Pastor Still in Serious Condition From comments, emails and news stories, it seems that Mr. Caldwell suffered several broken bones and lacerations including a broken vertebrae, ankle and pelvis and loss of his right ear. [Read More]

Church Pastor and Staff Member Injured in Crash

Gary Caldwell, senior pastor for the First Baptist Church of Piedmont and church staff member, Eric Johnson, were struck from behind by a Ford F-150 pickup while cycling near 150th Street and Piedmont Road today around 12:45 PM. As of this afternoon, Mr. Caldwell is listed as being in serious condition and Mr. Johnson was listed as being in good condition. Police are investigating the case but the driver was not ticked at the scene. [Read More]

Hit-and-Run Crash Near Norman

Sad news to mark my return to blogging, a man on a bicycle was struck from behind in a hit-and-run accident early Friday morning: A hit-and-run incident left a Norman man seriously injured Friday, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported. Troopers said Brian Dressler, 32, was struck from behind about 4 a.m. while riding his bicycle on the shoulder of the Interstate 35 bridge over the Canadian River in Cleveland County. [Read More]

Zach Perkins Released from Hospital

Good news on Zach Perkins who was involved in last week’s crash. According to the DNA Racing home page, he has been discharged from the hospital: After six days at OU Med Center Zach had finally been discharged! I’m pretty sure I hear him clicking his heals and saying, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. Get some rest buddy and heal quick! via After six days at…| DNA Racing. [Read More]

Zack Perkins, VP of DNA Racing, Struck by Car

From KFOR News Channel 4: Another bicyclist was hit while riding. It happened about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. As word spread in the cycling community, so did concern about the growing number of cyclists who are injured or killed because of a crash with a car. Wednesdays crash happened near Northwest 150th and Penn. Cyclist Zack Perkins was so seriously injured that paramedics rushed him to the hospital by medical helicopter. [Read More]