OU Student Bikes Across Country Building Houses

Here’s a nice story about a college student who spent the summer crossing the country on a bicycle and helped in the building of houses along the way: She hadn’t spent much time on a bicycle, but when Oklahoma Bible Academy graduate Kathryn Vculek heard about Bike and Build, she just had to join the mission. Bike and Build is an organization that recruits team members to pedal across the nation, building affordable housing along the way. [Read More]

Oklahoman Takes Epic Trip to Alaska

Another nice bicycling story from the Oklahoman, this time about an OSU student who recently completed a 4,000 mile bicycle trip to Alaska: The weather had been rainy, cold and windy for weeks when Curtis Moss reached a point where he didn’t care and he was ready to stop. Moss, a junior at Oklahoma State University, had already cycled more than 3,000 miles. He got an offer 430 miles up the road that he couldn’t possibly refuse. [Read More]