Car Free OKC: Shower Alternatives

[flickr id=“3190266051” thumbnail=“medium” overlay=“true” size=“medium_640” group="" align=“none”] I’m often asked by non-cyclists about how I clean up after my daily commute. After looking over the comments from my recent post about the contents of my commuter bag, this subject is of great interest to cyclists as well. Up until just a few months I had the best possible option, an actual shower. I’ve now tried a number of products and as you might expect, nothing lives up to the real thing. [Read More]

Car Free OKC: Rain? Don't Sweat It!

Though many of us believed that it would never happen again, over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen some decent rain storms make their way through the city. Not nearly enough to make up for the drought, but it is a start. Normally, I must admit, I am a complete wimp when it comes to riding in the rain. I will usually avoid it at all costs. Which is funny because I don’t have any particularly bad experiences, but it just doesn’t strike me as the thing to do. [Read More]

Tips for Happy Riding

Just came across this great list of tips for a happy cyclist. Here are a few of my favorites, but there are some great gems in there: Don’t ride in shoes you can’t walk through an antique shop in. . . . Never blame your bike or your health or anything else if you’re the last one up the hill or in to the rest stop. . . . If you pass another rider going up a hill, say more than “Hi,” but if it’s a woman and you aren’t, don’t assume she wants to chit-chat. [Read More]