Late Post: Oklahoma City Approves Bicycle Ordinance Changes

Someone asked me about this the other day and I realized that in my earlier absence from the blog I had forgotten to post about it. The previously mentioned ordinance changes being considered by the Oklahoma City Council were passed on May 24th during the normal meeting. The highlights of the proposed changes are as follows: The proposal would allow cyclists to have full use of the lane on any road designated as a bicycle route. [Read More]

Oklahoma City Council Conducts Public Hearing on Bicycle Ordinance Changes

Sorry folks, but I’m back to playing catch up. Firstly, the Oklahoma City Council is holding the public hearing phase on the major changes to the city’s bicycle ordinances. The meeting is occurring today starting at 8:30 AM in the City Council Chamber on the 3rd floor of 200 N. Walker. As you can see from the full agenda, there is a lot of ground being covered so I can’t really say when the ordiances will changes will be considered. [Read More]

Overholser Detour Gets Safety Signs

While the Old Route 66 Bridge along Lake Overholser is undergoing much needed deck repair, cyclists have been forced to take an unappealing detour along busy 39th street to cross over the Lake Overholser spillway. To help make this passage safer, Oklahoma City has placed signs such as the one shown right on both sides of 39th street and have run street sweepers along the detour route. While I did still see quite a bit of debris still on the shoulder, the route is much much clearer than before and it very passable. [Read More]

OKC Traffic Commission Considers Broad Changes to City Cycling Ordinances

Today, at 1:30 PM, the Oklahoma City Traffic and Transportation Commission will consider a recommendation to make several large changes to the city’s cycling ordinances. In brief, the changes consist of the following: The proposal would allow cyclists to have full use of the lane on any road designated as a bicycle route. A bicycle route is a designated piece of a road way primarily consisting of the 200 miles of bike routes laid out in the city’s cycling master plan, not just a road containing a “Share the Road” sign. [Read More]

New Bicycle Lanes in the Works

The Oklahoma Gazette is reporting that Oklahoma City is beginning to lay down the first of many new miles of designated bicycle routes: The city of Oklahoma City is laying out the first of what will be approximately 200 miles of new bike routes around town. The designated routes are individual bike lanes or lanes shared by cars and bicycles, known as “sharrow” lanes — named as such because of the combination of “share” and “arrow. [Read More]

Overholser Bridge to be Closed for Repairs

Photo by: Michael Kesler The following email was sent along to the Oklahoma Bicycle Society mailing list: In Mid October we will be starting a bridge rehabilitation project for the City of Oklahoma City, which involves the re-habilitation of the truss bridge on the north side of Lake Overholser. We will be removing the concrete deck and replacing the floor beams and related structural steel items and placing a new concrete deck. [Read More]

Norman Updates Bicycle Routes

Norman is improving and expanding the bicycle routes throughout the city. Hopefully Oklahoma City will start improving the street routes as well. I’d love to see a route going down to Norman and out to Lake Thunderbird for a great camping weekend. Yellow “Share the Road” signs to urge motorists and bicyclists to coexist peacefully and safely will be popping up around town as the city’s Bicycle Advisory Committee works to make roads safer for both. [Read More]