OSU Cyclists Upset at Bike Lane Removal

OSU cyclists are upset that the university has removed all bike lanes on campus: Cyclists on campus are hoping to find a solution to the now non-existent bike lanes. Oklahoma State University recently removed all bike lanes on campus in hopes of creating a more shared campus, according to an article in the O’Colly on Sept. 26. Trevor Steward, president of the Oklahoma State University Cycling Club and off-campus SGA senator, said he plans to meet with a group of university faculty and staff later today to discuss some concerns that the OSU cycling community has about the removal. [Read More]

ODOT Seeks Community Input on Yukon Highway Widening

On this Thursday (3/15/2012), the Oklahoma Department of Transportation will be seeking community input on their plans to widen Highway 4 north of Yukon out to Northwest Expressway. From the emails I’ve seen going around on the subject, the new road will be four lanes wide with 8 foot shoulders. Cyclists are encouraged to attend this meeting to encourage ODOT to paint a cycle path along with wide shoulder. The meeting will take place at 6:00 PM at the Yukon Police Community Room at 100 S. [Read More]