ODOT Seeks Community Input on Yukon Highway Widening

On this Thursday (3/15/2012), the Oklahoma Department of Transportation will be seeking community input on their plans to widen Highway 4 north of Yukon out to Northwest Expressway. From the emails I’ve seen going around on the subject, the new road will be four lanes wide with 8 foot shoulders. Cyclists are encouraged to attend this meeting to encourage ODOT to paint a cycle path along with wide shoulder. The meeting will take place at 6:00 PM at the Yukon Police Community Room at 100 S. [Read More]

Miller Crash Causes Changes to ODOT Policy on Rumble Strips

Photo By: Michael Patrick The death of Debra Miller last August has prompted a change from the ODOT regarding the placement of rumble strips on Oklahoma highways: The guidelines for highway rumble strips — those pavement ridges on the shoulder that alert drivers when they’ve drifted off the road — have been changed, due in part to the death of a Stillwater bicyclist in August. That’s why rumble strips were installed along State Highway 51 from Stillwater to Interstate 35 earlier this month instead of last summer when the highway was resurfaced, Rep. [Read More]

New Tulsa I-244 Bridge to Handle Cyclist Traffic

In what I believe is a first for the state, the new I-244 bridge across the Arkansas River will allow for not only car traffic, but also bicycle and pedestrian traffic as well as future rail lines: According to ODOT the replacement bridge will be “multi-modal”; incorporating a new section of the westbound highway, two dedicated future rail lines and an area for bicycle/pedestrian traffic into a double-decker style bridge. [Read More]